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Problem with your feet? Foot Medics can help assist you back to your comfort in shoes with the help Formthotics, our professional team can help assist you in person when you visit us in either clinic.



What can Formthitics be used for?

  • Planterfasciitis

  • Achilles Tenonitis / Tendinopathy

  • Knee pain / Patella pain

  • Shin Splints

  • Runners Knee

  • Lower Back Pain (where there is a clear biomechanical issue)

  • Bursitis of the Hip and Knee

Formthotics can also be very helpful for people with diabetes as they can in fact help with Ulcer Prevention.

Formthotics™ are a revolutionary custom foot orthotic. They are used for the treatment of lower limb injuries as well as for injury prevention, enhanced performance and improved comfort. Formthotics™ are a customised by thermoforming (heat moulding) to the patient’s foot and shoe and fully adjustable by additional posting and grinding.

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