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Foot Medics Manchester & Fleetwood

Keeping You On Your Feet

The Foot Clinic

We are located in Peel Green Eccles and Fleetwood covered Market

Our aim is to make your feet as pain free and as functional as they can be.

Mani Pedi

What We Do?

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Taking Care of Your Feet

Do You Have Fungal Nail Problems?


Find out how Formthotics can help you.

Formthotics focuses on the soft foam used to cushion the foot when walking, due to our feet not being designed to withstand the hard surfaces we walk on. Shoe Insoles have a wide range of sizes and styles of Formthotic Insoles to provide comfort and support to the wearer.

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How Much For Our Services?

The Care You Deserve

For our Manchester Services

For our Fleetwood Services

About Foot Medics

Professional Services

We have spent many years studying the profession of foot care. We have spent our entire study on the foot alone and its relationship with the various body systems. We have spent may years understanding of the foots skeletal, muscular, nervous components, skin and lymph systems is used to diagnose and treat a range of problems that cause pain and hinder function. We are experienced  Practitioners with many years experience who is dedicated to making you as pain free and as functional as you can be.


Call today to make an appointment or for a friendly chat about your requirements.

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Contact Us 

513 Liverpool Rd,

Eccles, Manchester M30 7BT

0800 975 0268

07802 816 078

Unit 164 Fleetwood Cover Market

Adelaide St, Fleetwood FY7 6AB

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0800 975 0268

07802 816 078

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